Fun vs Happiness

Happiness doesn't always feel happy (Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project) When I was a child I didn't like chocolate (note: back them in Russia we had no milk chocolate, only dark). Because it was bitter sweet. And I fixated on that bitterness because my immature palate could only take in one flavor at a time.... Continue Reading →


The Cost of Not Being a Kid

A couple of years ago I was doing a self-esteem course. The course had a book with each chapter signifying an area of your life that you need to address. One of the chapters was on your inner child. The book's author said that if you skipped the entire book and ONLY did that chapter,... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Truth

This blog was born in the minds of two people - me and my ex. When we were still together we used to have these philosophical discussions about life and how everything is a trade-off. Many events and choices we encountered seemed to always lead to the one conclusion - if you want to have... Continue Reading →

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